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KHW was founded in 2015 by Michele Machetti and Gabriele Gorelli MW. KHW consults for several players of the wine value chain, operating especially in Italy, Japan, USA, UK, and East Asia with high-end network and reputation. KHW has a team of experts that speak English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Japanese.


Company headquarters are in MONTALCINO, Tuscany, one of the most appreciated wine-growing areas in the world. We have direct and daily contact with the world of quality wine and with the entire network of wine specialists from vineyard creation to package design.

The services we offer include:
WINE SCOUTING : research and selection of products as per customer specifications.
WINE TAILORING: creation of special products, private and custom labels according to customer specifications
STRATEGY: analysis and development of commercial strategies based on sales objectives, market research, competitor analysis and development of a structured commercial project
POSITIONING and REPUTATION: strategic positioning brand reputation

NAMING and PACKAGING : graphic development for product naming and packaging, branding development, trademark registration and corporate image restructuring.
SALES: support for the commercial branch of the wineries, for the implementation and development of specific foreign markets, liaising with importers and distributors.
MARKETING: management of all marketing activities, from participation in promotional events, fairs, to the study of specific projects on print, video, web, app media.
LOGISTICS: optimisation of the logistical management of the winery, both for costs and for the quality of the service, according to the customer's needs.
EDUCATION: sales team training for importers and distributors. Specific training sessions and coaching for sales staff

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